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2024 State Referee Conference

Referees from every part of the state gather for the 2024 State Referee Conference as preparations for the new season continue.


Part 1 discusses the 2024 Football Queensland Referee Strategic Plan, and also includes Session 1 – Bystander Training.


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Part 2 welcomes Football Australia to discuss the updated Laws Of The Game and provides insight from Slater Asnicar and Ana Croger on disiplinary and integrity respectfully in Session 2.


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In Part 3, we have Session 3 which covers the FQ Referee Dept. Review and Future, followed by Session 4 on Matchday Coaches to wrap up the conference.


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Conference Agenda

8.30am – Doors Open 


9.00am (SHARP) | Conference Begins  

– Welcome to Country & Official Opening of Conference  

– Paula Robinson, Football Queensland President 

– Housekeeping 

– Acknowledgements


9.15am – 2024 Football Queensland Referee Strategic Plan  

– Andy Allan – General Manager of Strategic Game Development & Referees 


9.45am – Session 1 – Bystander Training   

– Presented by Erin Hatton – Senior Advisor Diversity, equity and inclusion, Australian Sports Commission 


11.00am Morning Tea  


11:30am – Football Australia Referee Department & LOTG Update  

– Presented by: Jacqui Hurford – General Manager – Community Refereeing 


12:15pm – Session 2 – Disciplinary and Integrity  

– Disciplinary: Slater Asnicar

– Integrity: Ana Croger 


12.45pm – Lunch  


1:30pm – Session 3 – FQ Referee Dept. Review and Future  


2:30pm – Interval  


2:45pm – Session 4 – Matchday Coaches  


3.55pm – Closing Remarks – Andy Allan  


4:00pm – Conference Close